I/ We, on behalf of M/s_____________________________ hereby agree/undertake that:

  • 1).I/we shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the Tagore Theatre Society as mentioned in the Set of Rules &Regulations on our website.
  • 2).I/we shall use the Theatre for the purpose it is being booked.
  • 3).I/we shall not allow overcrowding in the Auditorium and will not allow more persons than 801 seats in the Theatre. In case of overcrowding, our security may be forfeited
  • 4).In case of non-ticketed programme. If at a later stage, it is established that the programme was ticketed, we are ready to pay rent at commercial rates and security be also forfeited.
  • 5).Eatables, Drinks, i.e., Coffee, Tea, Chips, Cold Drinks, Snacks etc. will not be served inside the Tagore Theatre, even to the Chief Guest and nor will the Guests will do so. No food of any kind (snacks or packed) brought from outside will be served in the boundary of Tagore Theatre (except in Canteen Area) that too with the permission of Canteen Contractor.
  • 6).We shall arrange sufficient persons/ ushers for the smooth entry of audience in the Hall for our Show.
  • 7).We shall be responsible for any damage to any property/ article(s) of the Tagore Theatre during our Show andWe shall get it repaired/replaced at our own cost to the satisfaction of Tagore Theatre Society.
  • 8).We shall be liable for legal action in addition to forfeit of security if any information supplied by us is found to be false at any later stage
  • 9).We shall be responsible for making payment to PPL/IPRS and shall produce NOC/Receipt to Tagore Theatre Authorities at least four days before the Show.
  • 10).We shall not do any flower/rangoli decoration of any kind in any part of the Tagore Theatre including Stage, Front of Stage, Glass Foyers, etc.
  • 11).We shall not put any standee on the Main Stage and the logos of the sponsors will be displayed on Back-Drop only and only one flex board of Organizers displaying programme details will be put on the back stage.
  • 12).I/we shall not hold the Programme in association / collaboration with any other organization. If established so at any stage,We shall make good the losses sustained by the Tagore Theatre Society on this account.
  • 13).We shall vacate the Tagore Theatre Auditorium as per time mentioned in the Terms & Conditions on our website.

  • If I/We fail to follow the above conditions, our security may please be forfeited.

    (Signatures & Seal of the Organisers)