Memorandum Of Society

1). The name of the Society shall be `Tagore Theatre Society` Chandigarh.


2). The office of the Society shall be located in the building of Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh.


3). The aims and objectives of the Society shall be as under:-

  (a) To encourage and promote the performing arts and to take steps to create interest in them.

  (b) To encourage the revival of folk forms of the performing arts.

  (c) To undertake all such activities as would further the objectives so setforth, with a view to establishing a                     tradition of  excellence in these   arts.

  (d) To raise funds and acquire property through donations, grants or contributions for achieving the objectives of           the Society.

  (e) To do such other things as may be considered incidental or conducive to the fulfillment of objects of the                       Society or any of  them.


4).The income and property of the Society, howsoever derived shall be applied  solely towards the promotion of objects of the Society as set forth in this Memorandum of Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by  way of profit  to the persons who at any time are/ shall become or have been members of the Society or to any of them, provided  that  nothing  therein  contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration to any officers and servants of the Society or to any member thereof or  other person in return for any services rendered to the Society.


5).True accounts shall be kept of the sums of  money received and expended by the Society and the matter in respect of which such receipt and expenditure  take place and of the property, credits and liabilities of     the Society and subject to any reasonable restrictions as to the time and manner of  inspecting the same that may be imposed in accordance with rules of the Society for the time being, the same shall be open to inspection of the  members. Once at least in every year, the accounts of the Society shall be examined and the correctness of the Balance Sheet  certified by the Auditors/ Charted Accountant.


6).The Society shall be competent to frame rules and regulations and bye-laws for the conduct of the affairs of the         Society and to add or amend  them from time to time if and when required.


7).The Society shall have the authority to do all such acts whether incidental to the powers aforesaid or not as may       be required in order to further the objects of Society.