Indian Council for Child Welfare, U.T. Branch is running 46 creches in different locations/sectors in Chandigarh. In crèches three workers are working one Balsevika and two Helpers. The children in the age group of 3 months to 12 years of working mothers, ailing mother are coming to these crèches. Special crèches are also working in different places of Chandigarh like PGI, Engineering College, Govt. Medical College Sector-32, General Hospital Sector-16, CSIO Sector-30, Burail Jail, IT Park and High Court. The timings of the crèches are from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 8.30 AM to 2.30PM.

The following facilities are available in different crèches:-

Receiving the children and checking the cleanliness of the children.

Prayer and exercise.

Different activities related with child development and pre-school education through play-way method.

Activities related physical development, mental development, language development, social development, emotional development and moral development.
1.Good habits and toilet training.
2.Prepare for the formal education.
3.Pre-number concepts.
4.Knowledge of fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, means of transports, colours, Shapes, Big and Small, Far and 5.Near, Cold and Hot etc.
6.Indoor and Outdoor games.
7.Different types of paintings like thumb, finger, hand, vegetable, thread, blow, cotton and paper paintings etc.
8.Activities related with senses.
9.Story telling with different methods.
11.Knowledge of timings like morning, afternoon, evening, night and clock timings etc.
12.Paper tearing and pasting and folding etc.
13.Water Play and Sand Play.
14.Observation of behaviour problems of children.
15.Celebration of Birth Day of children.

Mid day meal prepared by Model Jail and supplied to all crèches like Monday-Murmura, Kari Rice, Tuesday-Halwa, Nutri/Rice, Wednesday-Sweet Dalia/Khichri Thursday- Suji Kheer, Moong Dall/Rice Friday-Namkeen Dali, Channa Dal, Rice Saturday-Halwa , Black Challa , Rice.

Health check-up once in a week by visiting Doctor. Balsevika have to maintain the height and weight record of each and every child. First aid box is available in every crèche.