Aims & Objectives of the Council

1. Integrated services for all round development of children specially for children of working mothers.

2. Care and protection of school going children and utilization of their leisure time in a fruitful way and development of hidden talent.

3. To initiate, undertaken and aid directly or through its various centers or indirectly, any schemes for the furtherance of the cause of children’s welfare.

4. To support, where possible, and guide the progress of any approved scheme of child welfare, which is already in existence.

5. To organize institutions for the training of child welfare workers and encourage the employment of such workers and to help, where ever possible in the extension of facilities in existing institutions for courses of special training in Child Welfare.

6. To undertake pilot schemes in the Union Territory on selected aspects of Child Welfare.

Rules and Regulation of the Council are given at Annexure ‘A’
General Body of Council includes patterns and member of the Council of all the categories consists of President, Vice President and Executive Committee for day to day administrative work in the ICCW, U.T. Chandigarh.
Detail of the employees working in the Council/Prayaas:
At present there are 163 employees in the Council/Prayaas, out of which 21 posts are lying vacant in different categories.